Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Revisiting 2016 Goals So Far: Real Reflection

Hey everyone! I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on my goals and what I set out trying to achieve in 2016. Here's what I started the new year with...

A New goals....and a new journey. It seems everyone sits down and pours over lists of things they want to change, experiment with, and grow into over the course of the year.  Even my six-year old decided to set some reading goals for the new year since his older brother was shooting for 100 novels.  Last year, at this same time, here I was trying to think of goals and my own personal journey ahead. Working full-time and raising three kids doesn't leave a lot of room so I have to be very strategic with my time. I love being creative although I often struggle with that little voice in one's head saying that my talent isn't strong enough. I have sat back and watched You Tube videos and blog posts with design team call after call and could never bring myself to take that step to put myself out there. Then, you run into the problem that everyone wants to see your blog or media posts sharing your work. It is a little overwhelming but yet my heart remains consistent in wanting to be a part of that creative world. I vowed to try more techniques in 2015...check. I vowed to work on my photography skills...check (although still not exactly where I want to be). So now, here we are reflecting on 2015 and goal setting for 2016. This is my time to take control. To put my work out there and hope against hope that I can inspire someone. That I can join a design team or get involved. I used to teach classes and I miss it terribly. I want to get back to a place where I have something creative that I do for me. To push me to grow. To push me to document. To push me to inspire others. we go!  The recommended blog and social sharing...The necessary steps to try and jump head-on into the creative world beyond my little scrap space! Let's make this a place to chat, learn, and grow together. I want to make new friends, grow my techniques, and just relish in the journey of discovering my creative self. Let's go 2016!

Okay...let's chat about where I am now. Well....for starters, I have a blog...yay! I have been pretty consistent with posting so I consider that a success so far and you are reading it...BONUS!

I have definitely been turning out more completed projects and pages than in previous years which makes me feel great and my kids are loving looking at everything I create! I still love both traditional layouts and project life and I am confident in the belief that I will continue to use both systems to document my life and tell my stories. point towards 2016 goals so far!

Next...You Tube...I have started filming process videos and have gone from 0 to 80 subscribers as well as having quite a few views and some comments by the crafty industry favorites. Another success? Partially maybe. I look at all these people with thousands of subscribers and wonder if I will ever get there or maybe I am just not that talented. Anytime I see one person unsubscribe, I think and wonder what I did wrong or what wasn't liked....Does the self-doubt ever go away??

I have made it onto a few design teams and been told no by a few design teams as well. I have gained a better appreciation for my own style as well as the styles of others. I've learned this is sometimes more about them and less about me. They want a specific look, technique, or recognizable name in the industry. I will get time....

I have met a TON of new virtual friends and started to get to know some of them. I feel more confident to comment and talk and share my work which is a big success in my book. I am most grateful for these two things! But still the self-doubt sneaks in. Is this really something that I can do? Can I really grow my own creative corner of the world and inspire others? The answer is yes! Both for me and for you. There is enough room in this creative world for everybody. Every unique outlook, perspective, and idea has a place, purpose, and audience.

If you are out there in the crafty world with these same goals, inspirations, and even struggles...Please leave me a comment, send me a message on Facebook, check out my You Tube Channel, email me. Please reach creative lady looking for some help reflecting on her progress and offering to support you as well...Just looking for friends who "get it" to bounce ideas off of for creative pursuits.

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