Sunday, February 7, 2016

First YouTube Video 2.6.2016

I took the leap this afternoon and filmed by first YouTube video. Of course, I learned a boatload of lessons so here goes...
1.) Lighting is terrible and strange little lights or shadows appear the moment the camera starts rolling.
2.) It is quite awkward talking to yourself at first and then gets easier as you go.
3.) My equipment setup isn't pretty but it is functional and it worked...YAY!
4.) Uploading to YouTube truly does take forever and a day.
5.) I am full of anxiety and self-doubt but also can't wait to start filming more...

I hope that you will take a look. I apologize its SO long but I wanted to start with a haul video as a jumping off point for layout sharing. Please leave me some feedback, give it a thumbs up if you liked it, and subscribe if you wanna see more of my adventure....I promise it will get better :)

My 1st Video: Mega Haul

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